11 Creative Ways to Write About classy suits

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I really like to keep my wardrobe simple. The best way to do this is with classic pieces that can easily be worn year-round. For this look, I’ve paired a simple black dress with a pair of slim-fit black slacks from Urban Outfitters.

I like to feel like I’m dressing for my own special occasion. Whether it’s a dinner party for my boyfriend or a wedding for one of my best friends, the moment I put on the dress or the shoes is one of the most memorable ones. It’s a chance to show off my style and, hopefully, to spark a conversation with the other woman if she is wearing something other than the same colors.

I love wearing a classy suit. It says that you care about what you’re doing, that you’re not going to turn into some “jerk” or “slut” because you can’t afford to get married and settle down. That you’ve always been a serious person and know what you need to do.

Now that I’m a bit older I can relate to this. One of my favorite styles was a navy three-piece suit. The best part were the buttons that were sewn on the lapel, which I was able to wear even when I wasn’t in the office.

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