The Pros and Cons of pictures of men in suits

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We all know people who are always in suits, and this is a common perception that makes it even more enjoyable to see the image on the internet.

In the real world, men are rarely seen in suits, especially when they’re wearing them. The reason is usually that they’re wearing them for work, or even for their wedding. If they’re wearing suits on their wedding day, they’re probably in a business meeting or somewhere else, and we want to know where they’re going and not what they’re wearing.

Not all men are dressed the same, but when we see them in the dark, we get to know them better. If we see a man wearing a dark suit, we can easily identify him as a man with a dark suit. And we can also learn a lot from other men who wear dark suits.

For instance, the black suits in the picture above? They’re the same ones that we see on people getting dressed for work. We can’t tell theyre wearing them because we can’t see them in the dark, but there’s something about their suit that tells us theyre in a business meeting or somewhere else.

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